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Schuchin Creamery meets the foremost...


   On Feb 13, 2016  the meeting of the best workers and the best in the profession was held.

   Schuchin Creamery came to sum up the results of the competition.After all, no matter how difficult the past year was, it's nice to share with our participation that exciting atmosphere , reigning before the presentation of distinguished awards to the best organizations and employees of the region.


Even before the event all participants and guests could get acquainted with the exhibition of the region's enterprises and craftsmanship of folk art.

 In its turn, Shchuchin Creamery was able to acquaint the participants with new types of products and to talk about their achievements and plans.Besides, JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" held a tasting of cheeses.There were 4 names – cheese "King Edward" with baked milk flavor (as a representative of the cheeses with the flavors), cheese "Tilsiter Gold" (as a representative of the Dutch-type cheese), cheese "Parmesan vest (as a representative of the cheese such as Parmesan) and cheese "Monarch" (as a representative of the cheeses of the Maasdam type).  During the tasting the experts of the enterprise organized a competition for "Best taste".Following the results "Parmesan Vest" was considered the best cheese with its unique bouquet of taste and aroma.

Sunny morning, good mood, smiles - all contributed to the already prevailed warm and gracious atmosphere holiday atmosphere in the building of the district House of culture, celebrating the best of the best!


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