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Information Sharing Day with the Belteleradiocompany!


February 29, 2016 JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" hosted Gennady Bronislavovich Davydko, the Chairman of Belteleradiocompany  The event began with the speech of Gennady Davydko, who informed the team of JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" on the tasks and goals of the Belarusian TV. The Chairman said that the company was focused on consolidation of citizens, mutual respect and rapprochement of the people. After the speech, the attendees had the opportunity to ask their questions the invited special guest.

 During the meeting Vitaly Nikolaevich and Gennady Bronislavovich gave an interview:

 Vitaly Strogy, the Director of Shchuchin Creamery said "We have a diversified approach to our cheese, that is,  we have masdam cheese, parmesan, Russian,  Dutch cheese, which are categorically different from each other, different in tastes. It is expected more than a billion rubles of additional profit per month just for Masdam and  for the Parmesan - over one billion of profit"

Gennady Davydko,  the Chairman Of Belteleradiocompany: If the head of the enterprise has a specific desire to develop the company, to seek new markets, to promote their products, to improve quality, modernize, nothing can't stop him. Yes, there is a credit history. But the management of this company knows how to pay for it. They entered the large Russian networks that look forward to these products. And no one doubts that the loans will be repaid"


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Watch movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0UUEnQMkBk

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