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Currently JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is a part of the JSC "holding Management company "Grodnomyasomolprom" and is one of the leading enterprises of Grodno region with the area of 6,6542 ha and production capacity of more than 450 tons of milk per day.


       The main policy objective in the area of quality and safety of JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is the modernization of production, introduction of new high-performance and energy-saving equipment, development of advanced production technologies and the creation of new types of safe products.

    With the aim of increasing the efficiency of milk processing the enterprise works in the direction of deeper processing, using secondary raw materials in the production. Implementation of the above objectives may be the production of whey concentrate of weigh content of protein 2%, 5%. Permeate obtained in the production of WPC 80% and is used to produce whey concentrate.


In 2012, the reconstruction of treatment facilities was completed. The reconstruction of local treatment facilities of industrial waste waters of JSC "Schuchin Creamery" is kind of unique project for Grodno region. To date, the cleaning system in such volume and set is introduced for the first time and at the present there are no analogues among the dairy enterprises of the Grodno region.


At the present time JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is experiencing a rebirth. With accumulated experience and laid traditions the joint-stock company is moving firmly along the path of innovative development. In October 2015, the implementation of the most ambitious project ever of the construction of chambers for storage of under 800 tons of cheese and reconstruction of the brining department of the cheese production facility with the installation of the automated technological equipment for brining cheese with a capacity of 60 tons per day was completed.

     This event was only the beginning for global modernization of the plant. There are still a lot of plans to be implemented. We also plan to grow rapidly, continuing a large-scale modernization of production.


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