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The company today

Currently JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is a part of the JSC "holding Management company "Grodnomyasomolprom" and is one of the leading enterprises of Grodno region with the area of 6,6542 ha and production capacity of more than 450 tons of milk per day.


       The main policy objective in the area of quality and safety of JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is the modernization of production, introduction of new high-performance and energy-saving equipment, development of advanced production technologies and the creation of new types of safe products.

    With the aim of increasing the efficiency of milk processing the enterprise works in the direction of deeper processing, using secondary raw materials in the production. Implementation of the above objectives may be the production of whey concentrate of weigh content of protein 2%, 5%. Permeate obtained in the production of WPC 80% and is used to produce whey concentrate.


In 2012, the reconstruction of treatment facilities was completed. The reconstruction of local treatment facilities of industrial waste waters of JSC "Schuchin Creamery" is kind of unique project for Grodno region. To date, the cleaning system in such volume and set is introduced for the first time and at the present there are no analogues among the dairy enterprises of the Grodno region.


At the present time JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is experiencing a rebirth. With accumulated experience and laid traditions the joint-stock company is moving firmly along the path of innovative development. In October 2015, the implementation of the most ambitious project ever of the construction of chambers for storage of under 800 tons of cheese and reconstruction of the brining department of the cheese production facility with the installation of the automated technological equipment for brining cheese with a capacity of 60 tons per day was completed.

     This event was only the beginning for global modernization of the plant. There are still a lot of plans to be implemented. We also plan to grow rapidly, continuing a large-scale modernization of production.




Shchuchin Creamery was put into service in December 1969.

The company started its activities in the area of 2,5 hectares of land.The rated capacity of the enterprise was 100 tons of processed milk per shift.

In 1978, the boiler facility was reconstructed, which carried out the transfer of boiler units from firm to liquid fuel, and in 2001, the boiler facility was converted to gas. It increased the efficiency of the production, as it has provided more economical fuel consumption in the processing of raw materials.

In 1985, vacuum evaporative plant was put into operation, continuous action butter-making machine in the oil shop, four refrigeration unit TX-22/82 in compressor facility, coolers-crystallizers of milk sugar in the shop of lactose.  A field which housed the equipment for milk drying was built.

In 1989 the cheese plant was reconstructed, which resulted in increased area. New cheese-starter room, chemical washing unit, bacteriological and industrial laboratories were completed.

In 1991,  the production of skimmed milk powder was mastered.

In 1992, the reconstruction of the plant for making and caring for cheese,  3 cheese vats with a capacity of 15 tons of milk for production of hard rennet cheeses were set.

Over the next 10 years, the company introduced machines for packaging butter, bottling and packing of milk, made other organizational-technical measures that ensured the improvement of the technology of production, assortment expansion, improvement of quality and safety of manufactured dairy products.

In 2001,  the production of skimmed milk powder was mastered.

In July 2006, the company installed equipment for the production of Dutch cheese and mastered its production.

In December 2007, a new progressive technological equipment for the production of whey protein  concentrate was installed. The production of WPC 80% was mastered. The construction of this plant is an import-substituting investment project under the heading "Child nutrition" of the "Children of Belarus" program. Modern automated equipment allows to obtain a concentrate of whey protein not less than 80%, which is used for the production of baby food.

In 2008, two pasteurizing and cooling installations for milk processing for pot cheese production were introduced.

In December 2009, the assembling of the equipment for the production of  Russian type cheese was started. In 2010, this equipment was put into effect, the production of cheese of different fat content was started. The reconstruction of treatment facilities was started in 2010 and was finished in 2012. Also in 2012, a complex of high-pressure KMM 25/70 was installed on two posts for sanitary handling of milk tanks, which in turn allowed us to carry out its sanitation more thoroughly.

   At the end of 2012, JSC "Slonim dairy products" joined to JSC "Schuchin Creamery" as the manufacturing Department "Slonim".






quality System

JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" has received world-wide fame primarily due to the quality of products.

 The priority of quality and safety of products for JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" is the key for achieving the strategic objectives of the enterprise. The quality policy is based on the full satisfaction of customers and other stake holders.

 Competitive growth of JSC "Shchuchin Creamery" in general and its products in particular contributes to highly efficient quality management system that ensures the production of quality, safe and competitive products.

 In 2011, quality management system and product safety was implemented on the enterprise based on HACCP principles. Quality management system against the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and the system of environmental management against the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2005 had previously been implemented and certified. In addition, the company has certified system of safety management for compliance with the requirements of STB 18001-2009.

 With the aim of increasing the level of inspection and testing of raw materials and products in 2005, the industrial laboratory is accredited on technical competence according to requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025



Employees of the Shchuchin branch of Molochny Mir OJSC are people in love with their work, who constantly give the warmth of their hands, soul and talent to their favorite work. Our team is a constellation of hard work, conscientiousness and enthusiasm.

For active participation in public life, achievement of high results in work, display of initiative and enterprise, the following are listed on the honor roll of the Shchuchin branch of Molochny Mir OJSC:

Redko Olesya

warehouse manager for finished products

Bogdel Vladimir


Sinkevich Marina

senior storekeeper

Minkevich Dimitry

electric and gas welder

Dubrovnik Alla

cheese press

Andrey Gribok

loader driver

Klimovich Anton

electrician for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Tryaskina Irina

butter maker

You are our pride! Thank you for your dedication to your work, for your patience and hard work.

Awards and diplomas